LED lights are also finding their application in aquariums. They look most beautiful in reef aquariums as the aquarium lighting varies the greatest in these types of aquariums. LED lights do not heat up easily even after continuous use.

This property of these lights makes them helpful in aquariums. This allows proper maintenance of the temperature an aquarium. Earlier, these lights illuminated the aquarium only at night. There main purpose was to provide moon light especially for corals, but now, people are also using them as the main source of light in aquariums.

These LED Aquarium Lights last for around five years. LED Aquarium Lights allow you to set the spectrum of the light. This allows you to change the color according to the look you want to give to your aquarium. E.g. corals look great in blue light. Most of these lights have provision for programming. You can program them depending upon the type of light you want on different times of a day.

The initial cost of LED Aquarium Lights is high, but these save you a lot of money in the long run. These lights consume only 20% of the energy that normal fluorescent lights use. In addition, they have a very long life and you don't need to change them as often as you change other lights.

Keep in mind the wavelength requirements of the aquatic animals in your aquarium. Different species and vertebrates require different wavelengths in order to grow at a proper rate. Most of the LEDs give light on narrow wavelength. You may require a combination of lights of different colors for your aquarium for sustaining proper development in the aquatic life. Keep this in mind especially for coral growth.

Coral growth depends largely on spectrum of light it receives. Therefore, for corals, it is imperative that you complete the day-night cycle by varying the intensity of light and using lunar lighting. You can place LED Aquarium Lights at different places in the aquarium to achieve different effects. If you wish to get a diffused effect, cover the surface of the Led lights with sand.

This makes the light diffuse beautifully and gives an enchanting effect. Similarly, you can set the light at different angles and give different effects to the aquarium. Thus, you can use LED Aquarium lighting to beautify aquariums of any sizes and make them look more appealing and showy.