Some people don't know any knowledge of led grow lights, they still use HID grow lights, and some people know a little about led grow lights, but they don't know led grow lights can instead of HID grow lights, I want to help you know all knowledge of led grow lights in this article.

1. 165W LED Grow Light can instead of 500W to 600W HID Grow Lights, they will do same work, it will help you to save electric energy.

2. The wavelength of LED is very important, general red light wave uses 620 - 630 um, blue light wave uses 450-460um and 460-470um. Red light can promote plants to sprout and bloom, blue light can promote plants to grow.

3. Led grow lights can only be used indoors, its time of shining is 10-14 hours.

4. There are two kinds spectrum of LED grow lights, one is red:blue, one is full spectrum, Usually the red and blue grow lights is cheaper, I advise you to choose full spectrum led grow lights.

5. Light decline is very small, the lifetime is over 50,000 hours.

6. The brilliant rays that led grow lights distributes can be totally absorbed by the plant, though HID can do the same work, but the efficiency of led grow lights is stronger

When you use led grow lights, you need to pay attention to:

1. use led grow lights indoor.

2. After opening the power, don't touch the surface of the light.

3. Don't put it in the place with water.

4. Don't let water soak led grow lights.

5. the temperature of led grow lights have better below 65 centigrade.

6. When raining, you had better close the power, this is a very good lightning measure.

7. Time don't be over 12 hours to shine, it is the best shining for time, if over 12 hours in 10-12 hour, will not benefit the growth of the plant, is unfavorable to led grow lights too.

8. The distance between led grow lights and plant is 2.5 meters - 3 meters, the minimum height of 135 Watt led grow lights is 1.5 meters, the minimum height of 300 led grow lights is 2 meters, 600W is 3-4 meters.