Have you seen the new Hydroponic System?  It really is amazing. Featuring a new level of hydroponic system automation, it will revolutionize the indoor growing industry, which itself is growing at a furious rate. Here is some of what it can do to make your growing simpler and more successful.

With this truly unique arrangement of modules, the benefits are many and various. No more tangled roots, for instance or fungus sneaking in where you can't see it.  The Hydroponic System is much easier to keep clean all around. The air circulation around each plant is also very beneficial.

The Hydroponic System is made up of individual site modules combined with a main controller module. With this you can expand your growing capability from one to twenty modules  per controller. The special ball-and-joint rods link together to keep everything stable. With special flexible UV tubing, pieces can be easily replaced at any time.

On top of this, you have a fully expandable trellis system for your  Hydroponic System that can grow to support plants from one foot to six feet. This means you no longer have to put screws into the ceiling above your Hydroponic System to tie up your plants or risk them falling over ever again. How much easier to deal with and you end up with much less plant damage.

Within the Hydroponic System controller, there is an electronic float valve and water pump to keep the water at the ideal level at all times. Many growers forget to top up the water for their plants. Now this is a problem solved!

The Hydroponic System is so flexible that you can accommodate from four to forty plants and any one time.  You can use any room size available and configure it to fit the space. The Hydroponic System will grow many small six inch plants or larger plants reaching up to six feet. Imagine what can be done with a little imagination.

You can purchase a small Hydroponic System consisting of five units and a controller module for a very reasonable price.

It comes with hydroton, netpots, a complete controller unit, backup reservoir, two water pumps, one air pump, electronic float valve, power supply, two feet tall trellis system per plant, ten feet of latex tubing, organic starter plugs, and wicking material.
I have even seen a Hydroponic System kit that includes a 165W LED Grow light. With that you have everything you need to start your indoor garden. Just add seeds and water!

Growing plants indoors for fun and to eat is a growing trend. With all the benefits and features of this  Hydroponic System, I can only see it being so efficient one day that homes will built with a space especially dedicated to growing your vegetables, herbs and flowers. How wonderfully healthy that would be for body and soul.  How could anyone be depressed looking at lush plants growing in their living space? A Hydroponic System in every home is my wish for everyone.