Hydroponic gardening is becoming more and more popular as a way of growing plants at home and there are many reasons why one would follow this path.  Hydroponics is a very productive way of growing all sorts of plants, and vegetables and flowers respond well.  A lot of people have now set up their own DIY hydroponics and grow their own vegetables for home use.

Hydroponic growing is a method of growing plants without soil, by suspending the roots in a water nutrient system or having the roots sprayed by a water nutrient solution. Slowly and gradually the use of hydroponic systems in growing strawberries is increasing due to its promising benefits.

Hydroponic DIY Strawberries

It is well known that strawberry plants do not like 'wet feet' and one may initially think that for that reason Hydroponic gardening would not suit this type of plant but the aeroponic system and the ebb and flow sytem both suit strawberry growing.

What does need to be understood with hydroponic strawberries is that plants do require nutrients and with hydroponics they are delivered to the plants in water infused with nutrients.

Commonly strawberry plants are grown with their root systems suspended and this is when the water infused with nutrients is passed over them.  In essence the water is just a replacement for soil which in soil growing is what holds the nutrients that the plants needs.  It is not actually the soil itself that feeds the plants and so too with hydroponics, it is the nutrients infused into the water that is providing the plants with the right amount of nutrients.

Ebb and Flow System

Growing strawberries in a hydroponic ebb and flow system requires the soilless plant to be held in a small tube and that tube is pushed through an opening in a larger tube allowing the roots to dangle in a larger tube and it is in the larger tube that the water is passed over the roots on a periodic basis.


With this Hydroponic growing sytem the roots dangle in a container and are sprayed with the nutrient rich solution, keeping the roots moist but not waterlogged as suits the strawberry.

It is possible to view various DIY hydroponic setups and this helps form an understanding of how to go about Hydroponic growing.  It is like anything else a little research and knowledge goes a long way but trial and error is the best teacher.