This is exactly what it states it is – a grow tent, yet as one may surmise it is much more than a typical tent acquired at a nearby outdoors centre. It is all you need to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables. The tent incorporates a lightweight fabric which is both waterproof and light reflective inside and dark on the outside. It's delivered collapsed and is quick and easy to set up and dismantle. This makes it a good product to use as it can be moved to different areas or rooms when necessary. It is totally self-contained so all the mess and cables can be covered appropriately so you can continue to use the space it is installed in. The tent has zippered sections that allow access for air-flow systems and various wiring that you need to employ. Also there are flaps at the bottom of the tent to aid with air circulation at plant level. In some models the tent has pockets on the interior where you are able to house any equipment that you use regularly.

In today's society many of us have little open space to indulge their passion for gardening. It is hard to grow tomatoes in a flat which has no outside space. This is how the grow tent comes into play. The tents are offered in various dimensions starting from a "skinny" tent to a 1.2 metre dimension grow tent. So any dimension of room or garage can be accommodated. The added bonus is that the tents keep all spills and mess stored in a tidy package. You won't be disturbed by the light and heat that is generated by employing hydroponics. The lighting is suspended from the poles on the interior of the tent which is again great as you have no need to construct or use a further stand. Finally, as mentioned above, the tent includes a reflective layer inside of the tent. This saves the gardener from having to hang large portions of reflective material called black and white around the room in use. Basically the tent serves as a greenhouse inside your home and enables you to grow the fruits and vegetables that you want to.

What can you produce in a grow tent?

Just about any fruit, plant or vegetable can be grown in a grow tent. You simply need to use the appropriate nutrients for the type of crop you want to grow. Furthermore you must make sure that the light cycle and water quantities are right for the particular fruit or vegetable you are cultivating. The height of the tent can support vertical growing vegetation like runner beans, peas and tomatoes. The poles across the top of the tent will let you to tie the plants up as they get bigger as you would in a garden. Grow tents offer people the option to cultivate their own produce without owning a garden or allotment and all year round. They also reduce the issues of pests and slugs eating your vegetables before you do, as the whole lot is self-contained and managed by you. Hydroponics is enjoyable and rewarding and enables everyone to have their own garden no matter where they live.