Buy Best LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana In New Zealand

LED Grow Lights 2W

What is the relationship between plant growth and the type of light?

Plants tend to absorb most wavelengths of light except for green and yellow. These green and yellow wavelengths are reflected back away from the plant and are the colors we perceive the plants to be.

Light wavelengths of blue, orange, and red are the most useful to plants for them to efficiently carry out the process of photosynthesis. Yellow and green wavelengths do not provide much in the way of energy.

Any grow lights that include light from the yellow and green wavelengths are just wasting energy on light that is not even being used by the plant. The Illuminator has been engineered to produce only those wavelengths that the plant can use. The results are plants that have extended blooming cycles, rapid and healthy growth, and remain healthy. Most other LED lights can not come close to this level of performance.