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Full Spectrum UFO 135W LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana

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Quick Overview

Power: Full Spectrum 135W LED Grow Light
Size: 270x60mm
LEDs Wavelength: Red:Blue:Orange:White:IR:UV
Input Voltage : AC85~265V
Warranty: 36 months warranty


Full Spectrum UFO 135W LED Grow Lights For Growing Marijuana

Size(mm): 270x60mm
Power(watt): 135W(45x3W LED diodes)
Lumens(Lm): 5460 Lm
LEDs Color: Red:Blue:Orange:White:IR:UV
Approved: CE & RoHs
Warranty: 36 months
Replace to: Equal to 400-600w HPS/MH/HID,save 80% power consumption
Lifespan(hrs): 50,000 Hours
Input voltage(V): AC 85V-265V
Input current(A): 0.34~1.05A
Work  frequency(Hz): 50/60 Hz
Cooling fans: Built-in 1 big cooling fan, unique heat sink
Feature: Plug N Play, Lowest heat emit, Energy saving, Environment-friendly, Built-in hanging hardware.
Package Includes: 1x Full Spectrum 135w LED grow light 3w, 1x Power Cord, 1x Hanging Kit

Benefits of UFO LED Grow Lights

  • Uses 90 watts of power that are more intense and result in faster growth rates than HID lights.
  • Does not produce any heat and will not burn your plants or cause excess evaporation.
  • All of the light is directed at the plants and the light that is emitted matches the spectrum of light necessary for photosynthesis.
  • Produces thicker vegetative growth, larger blooms, and increased yields over equivalent HID lights.

Aside from standard red/blue UFO Grow lights, many people prefer to use Tri-band LED grow lights.  The benefit of using a 6-band Spectrum is that the plants absorb the key spectrum of red, blue, orange, white, IR, UV light.  These lights are designed to provide key wavelengths for optimal growth at all stages.

Now, a new addition to the LED Grow Light team is the 6 Band LED Grow Light which offers a red, blue, orange, white, IR, UV spectrum.

To choose the correct LED grow light for your plant, you have to determine the needs of your hydroponic garden.  Are you growing leafy, short plants or taller, flowering plants?  What are the dimensions of your grow space? Would you prefer an all-in-one grow light solution or would you like your color panels separate to allow tweaking during specific stages?

Full spectrum:  Red: 660nm + 630nm, Blue: 475nm + 430nm, Orange: 615nm, White: 4500k, Infrared, Ultraviolet

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Customer Reviews

Excellent grow light Review by Daniel
I really enjoy this light can't wait sometimes to get get home just to see it on,my plants really enjoy it as much as I do they thrive on the spectrum,excellent price for it's value. (Posted on 18/02/18)
This product is amazing. Review by Bob
These lights are sooo good that they make amateurs look like pros. They're worth every penny. (Posted on 5/02/18)
Excellent quality lights Review by Benson
We are so happy with these lights that we recently purchased our 3rd light. The first one purchased just about a year ago. Our plants love them, they haven't increased our light bill very noticably and they run so cool that we haven't had to add additional exhaust fans to move the air. (Posted on 5/02/18)
just as described , plants doing great ! Review by Roy
just as described , plants doing great ! (Posted on 29/01/18)
Plants loving this lights Review by Alex
Great light (Posted on 23/01/18)
Very bright light. Review by Adam
Came in good packaging and all LED's working. Can't wait to see how it works on my first grow. (Posted on 19/12/17)
discount grow light Review by Andrew
work great (Posted on 28/10/17)
this my 2nd order is beautiful! Review by Judson
this my 2nd order is beautiful! (Posted on 11/10/17)
full spectrum led grow light Review by Meroy
This light is full spectrum and we learned that that is indeed true. (Posted on 6/10/17)
The plants are doing very well! Review by V.Lopez
Seedlings have exploded and lots of new growth. Plants look very strong, lots of big leaves, thick stems and I even have plants flowering already. (Posted on 23/09/17)
You won't be disappointed. Review by Chinning
I'm going to be completely honest here, I'm super happy with this product. (Posted on 20/08/17)
Just as described. Review by King
Very happy! (Posted on 13/08/17)
ufo grow led lights Review by Patrick
My seedlings are green and growing strong. (Posted on 6/08/17)
A+++++ Review by Nick
I was unsure about led lights before but after owning this one for a while i have had great results. (Posted on 22/07/17)
Works perfectly. Review by Derek
Exactly as expected. (Posted on 15/06/17)
So far, so good. Review by Hudson
So far, so good. (Posted on 18/05/17)
Very bright. Review by Heinz
So far so good, seems to be built very well. (Posted on 11/05/17)
Great led light Review by Ema
I'm having great results!! (Posted on 11/03/17)
Good Buy Review by Jeff
Light weight and sucker is bright like it says. Within the first 4 hrs of having this light over my plants, the leaves perked up apart vertically towards the light. I'm excited to see how the plants respond in the long run. (Posted on 21/02/17)
Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Review by michael
Great coverage, lightweight, full spectrum lighting, easy setup, great for small indoor gardens. (Posted on 8/02/17)
this light is awesome! Review by Philip
this light is awesome! (Posted on 17/01/17)
I'm very happy with the purchase. Review by Coleman
The light is very bright and I love the style of the lamp itself. (Posted on 6/01/17)
Great light Review by Olivia
I bought two of these to use during the winter months to keep my plants alive. (Posted on 19/11/16)
Very happy with this light. Review by J_Williams
I will be purchasing another next month for flowering! (Posted on 24/10/16)
Excellent services. Review by rodriguez
Trusted seller. (Posted on 22/08/16)
bought 2, love it for my plants Review by Douglas
bought 2, love it for my plants (Posted on 11/08/16)
Great Lighting at a great price. Review by John
Great Lighting at a great price. (Posted on 23/07/16)
Great LED grow lights Review by Vincent
Great LED grow lights (Posted on 22/06/16)
top quality led grow light Review by Laura
I am very satisfied with the quality of this grow light. It is perfect for my needs. (Posted on 7/05/16)
The light casing is very sturdy and the light is very bright. Review by jeremy
I used 6 small pots to plant different herbs in and hung this light over the set. It puts off plenty of light to keep everything warm and promote growing. (Posted on 13/04/16)
Working as expected, no problems! Review by GBruce
Working as expected, no problems! (Posted on 25/03/16)
This light works pretty good Review by D.Watson
This light works pretty good (Posted on 7/03/16)
For the money this is a good light. Review by Maria
For the money this is a good light. (Posted on 17/02/16)
Not drawing enough current Review by Ben
I bought 2 of these but each unit only draws 70w of power so 140w together and this includes the fans running so for $600 I don't belive it's worth it. (Posted on 9/02/16)
Excellent indoor grow lights Review by Judy
Excellent light for growing plants indoors. Gives off great light for growing plants. (Posted on 7/01/16)
Recommended! Review by Ada
I love gardening and wanted to try out this grow light. This is actually the first time that I have used a grow light for growing plants. I’m really excited about this. (Posted on 2/12/15)
even better than advertised Review by Marico
Grew some tomato starts under it. Bought another one so I could expand. (Posted on 17/11/15)
super bright grow lights Review by Ian
super bright stays cool the whole time very neat not to mention their customer care is the best I've ever had. they called me to make sure i was completely happy with my purchase and was quick to send me better hangers which was amazing! (Posted on 11/10/15)
Very good quality for the price Review by Daniel
Very pleased with this product and plan on buying another light. (Posted on 30/09/15)
Great so far. Review by wendy
Plants are flourishing. (Posted on 26/09/15)
High quality grow light Review by Bruce
I feel confident that this company has good stuff, so i may purchase a bigger light soon. (Posted on 23/08/15)
Great for the plants Review by Skye
Great for the plants (Posted on 5/08/15)
I have to give this product a A+++ Review by Janice
I have to give this product a A+++ (Posted on 6/07/15)
Good purchase and good price Review by Brocchi
I just got this light less than a week ago. So far I love the fact that I don't need to use a fan anymore to airate the grow room since these lights don't get hot, and I'm using less electricity. my plants seem to be responding well and at this point, I have nothing negative to say about this light and hopefully won't weeks/months from now. (Posted on 5/06/15)
Very bright and the plants love it Review by Harry
Very bright and the plants love it (Posted on 6/05/15)
recommended Review by G.Norton
If you have no experience with LEDs, this is a solid first buy! (Posted on 21/04/15)
good deal Review by G.Martin
good deal (Posted on 6/02/15)
Combined with LEDs to get incredible results.A+ Review by Colby
Combined with LEDs to get incredible results.A+ (Posted on 28/01/15)
cool led grow lights Review by Michael
I purchased 2 of these. The light runs cool. (Posted on 5/01/15)
Works very well and is a powerful light. Has a quiet fan. Review by Quinton
Works very well and is a powerful light. Has a quiet fan. (Posted on 21/10/14)
the light does what I expect it to. Review by Adelaide
the light does what I expect it to. It does help my plants grow very well and the nice thing is that it does not produce much heat compared with a conventional light. (Posted on 17/09/14)
very powerful in the wavelengths Review by Clarence
very powerful in the wavelengths it puts out. plants seem to love it. fans are audible but not loud. don't look directly at the light. (Posted on 19/08/14)
I highly recommend this brand Review by Ternence
Thanks to this product, the medicine that I grow is really quite awesome. (Posted on 13/06/14)
Highly recommend it for all stages of growing. Review by Georgia
Highly recommend it for all stages of growing. (Posted on 21/05/14)
It is a really bright light. Review by Joshua
It is a really bright light. (Posted on 21/05/14)
Great product Review by Bonnie
Seem to be working great on my plants. Looks like there helping. Great product. (Posted on 4/05/14)
perfect led grow light Review by Nick
Lighting performance is superb, and it runs cool and quiet.
I'm getting another one! (Posted on 18/04/14)
Full Spectrum UFO 135W LED Grow Lights Review by angella
working very well in office garden. highly recommend this grow light for novice or semi pro gardeners. (Posted on 29/03/14)
the led grow light itself is ok, very bright Review by soriano
the led grow light itself is ok, very bright (Posted on 19/03/14)
Good results with LED grow lights Review by Johan
I have 2 of these ufo 135w LEDs and I’m a personal grower. I was using 400w HPS lamps before and had no reason to switch except I had to run a whole nother system of ventilation system just to keep the heat down in my confined grow area. I decided to see what all this LED fuss is about and the reduced electric bill is a plus as well. The results were not bad at all considering that my electric bill went down almost $90 a month and the yields were about similar when I use 2 of these 135w UFOs to replace my 400HPS. I noticed that the vegging process is faster and it definitely will flower the plants. I think all LED grow lights will flower plants just fine nowadays. In about a year, the investment on these would pay for themselves on top of the electricity bill savings so that’s not too shabby at all. Good job led grow lights! (Posted on 11/02/14)
Good value for the price Review by Taylor
I love this product. Very easy setup. Light weight, but it is easy to put together. Very good instructions. Light works very well. Easy to adjust up and down. (Posted on 15/01/14)
UFO LED Grow Lights Review by Deejay
This works great. I started my seeds with the 45w seedling lights then transferred them to this light. They are growing like crazy!They are thick and green. I will keep using these lights every year. (Posted on 2/01/14)
I highly recommend this ufo led grow light. Review by A_Lester
I first bought the 90W ufo LED light. I was satisfied enough to purchase this 135W shortly after. This light gave my plants a big boost. LED technology has now progressed to the point that it is practical to grow plants with this as their primary light source. I highly recommend this quality light. (Posted on 16/11/13)
great product Review by Kevin_T
Great Product. Compared to Compact Fluorescents, this 135W LED grow light made my vegetables grow a lot bigger, while reducing energy costs & heat inside my room. (Posted on 11/10/13)
great grow led lights Review by Benson
I really do not like writing reviews, but because of the ultra fast delivery time, and the quality of the lamp, I had no choice. (Posted on 22/08/13)
I'm going to buy from them again. Review by D.Rogers
It works, It's just as advertised, I got great service and I'm going to buy from them again. (Posted on 5/08/13)
The unit arrived within a few days. Review by Rosa
The unit arrived within a few days. (Posted on 26/07/13)
great company Review by Bill
I have now bought eight of these lamps and I am impressed by their general build quality and quiet operation, although I did have to send one back because the fans did not work. Fortunately are a NZ based company who take customer satisfaction seriously. The faulty unit was collected by the Courier within 12 hours and a replacement lamp was with me the next day. You cannot ask for better customer service than that. (Posted on 12/07/13)
Grow led grow light Review by Philip
This is my first attempt at growing with LED and I m very impressed with results. Really well built and very bright, I noticed a big increase in growth. (Posted on 20/06/13)
Overall I'm satisfied with the light and would recomend it. Review by Pearce
Overall I'm satisfied with the light and would recomend it. (Posted on 20/06/13)

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