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Super Power 600w LED Grow Lights For Marijuana Indoor Growing

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Quick Overview

Power: 600W LED Grow Light 288x3W LED Chip
Size: 510x210x80mm
LEDs Wavelength: Red:Blue:Orange:White:IR:UV
Input Voltage : AC85~265V
Warranty: 36 months warranty


Full Spectrum Highest 600 watt Indoor Grow Lights For Marijuana Indoor Growing

Item Value
Size(mm): 510x210x80mm
Power(watt): 600W(288x3W LED diodes)
Lumens(Lm): 28400Lm
LEDs Color: Red:Blue:Orange:white:IR:UV
Approved: CE & RoHs
Warranty: 36 Months
Replace to: Equal to 1000-1500w HPS/MH,save 80% power consumption
Lifespan(hrs): 50,000 Hours
Input voltage(V): AC 85V-265V
Input current(A): 2.26~7.0 A
Work  frequency(Hz): 50/60 Hz
Cooling fans: Built-in 8 cooling fans, unique heat sink
Feature: Plug N Play, Lowest heat emit, Energy saving, Environment-friendly, Built-in hanging hardware.
Package Includes: 1x 600w LED grow light 3w, 1x Power Cord, 1x Hanging Kit

Product Discription

Full spectrum:  Red: 660nm + 630nm, Blue: 475nm + 430nm, Orange: 615nm, White:4500K, IR,UV

Product Application

Hydroponic & Horticulture & Greenhouse lighting, Home gardening & Farm & Indoor

★ Powerful 600W LED grow light to replace standard 1000-1500w HPS(HID) or CFL grow light

★ 3 Watt LED's are used in this design, giving excellent intensity and penetration.

★ Lifetime over 50,000 hours

★ Produces only the exact spectrums required for plant photosynthesis

★ Built-in thermo-sensitive devices cut off power supply when over-heating happens,either due to high ambient temperature or ventilation fans problem

★ The low heat emission eliminates the need for ducting & heat exhaust fans

★ Built-in cooling system(thermostatically controlled fans)  dissipate heat very effectively, keeping the unit cool. 

★ Environmentally friendly: Does not contain harmful substances like  HPS & MH - much less hazardous.

★ No setup required - this is a plug-n-play 600w LED grow light

★ Each light covers up to 1-2 square meters with superb results - large flowers and fruits. (unit typically 0.3m-0.6m from plant)

Growing tips:

LED grow light provides a different light spectrum to your plants, thus modifying their needs. Here are some recommendations to follow in order to obtain a good crop with LED grow light

  • Given that the LED grow lamp emits much less heat than other light sources, your plants will need less water. Wait for your soil to dry a little bit before watering or at least make sure your plants really need to be watered.
  • Temperature is a very important element in the photosynthesis process. For the same reason as the previous point, maintain the ambient temperature between 20ºC-30ºC (68ºF-86ºF) for normal plant growth.
  • With 600w LED grow light 3w, your plants may need fewer nutrients.
  • For better light penetration, it is preferable to light several small plants rather than a few large ones
  • For some plant species, a reduced photoperiod may improve flowering.


This 600w LED Grow Lights Can Work For These Countries Below
Country Compatible Voltage Country Compatible Voltage
United States 110 V Canada 110 V
United Kindom 220 V France 220 V
Italy 220 V Spain 220 V
Geman 220 V Portugal 220 V
Finland 220 V Denmark 220 V
Belgium 220 V Netherlands 220 V
Argentina 220 V Australia 220 V
Switzerland 220 V Sweden 220 V
New Zealand 220 V Russia 220 V

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Customer Reviews

Plants love this light Review by Colbert
So far my plant is really doing well. It's growing very nicely, no issues with burn. It gives off very little heat which makes temperature control very easy. (Posted on 18/02/18)
Worth every penny. Review by Blake
This light has greatly improved the growth of my plants. (Posted on 5/02/18)
A great grow light. Review by Gordon
Full spectrum. Three-year warranty. (Posted on 29/01/18)
Works great. Review by Bright
Works great. (Posted on 15/01/18)
Super bright led grow light Review by Allen
I have a 600w and 300w . So far I'm impressed this is my first led grow. (Posted on 8/01/18)
Absolutely perfect. Review by Steward
Was using a MH lamp before this one for my marijuana plants and couldn't get them to switch into the vegetative stage. 2 days after being under this lamp, I saw the early signs of vegetative stage! Great for the price (Posted on 27/12/17)
very good lamp I recommend it Review by Jimmy
very good lamp I recommend it (Posted on 29/11/17)
Good price. Review by Jones
Just purchased two more. Very satisfied. (Posted on 9/11/17)
I bought one and then bought another to expand the grow area. Review by Rich man
I bought one and then bought another to expand the grow area. (Posted on 28/10/17)
discount led grow light Review by Eugene
I would definitely recommend. (Posted on 17/10/17)
Great grow light! Review by Garcia
In less than a week, new growth has appeared on my indoor roses. (Posted on 11/10/17)
very good Review by Blithe
I would recommend this to anyone (Posted on 15/09/17)
Will definitely recommend it to family and friends! Review by Richard
Will definitely recommend it to family and friends! (Posted on 8/09/17)
Excellent quality and amazing value for money. Review by David
Good sturdy light and very bright. (Posted on 20/08/17)
So far working really good. Review by Webster
So far working really good. (Posted on 13/08/17)
Great for $20 discount coupon Review by Lynn
I am going to order more (Posted on 6/08/17)
Awesome light Review by Jason
Awesome light (Posted on 28/07/17)
5 stars Review by Gavin
Very impressive. (Posted on 22/07/17)
No problems with the product Review by Corey
No problems with the product (Posted on 15/07/17)
600w led grow lamp Review by Victor
Love this lamp, and I am going to buy one more next month (Posted on 9/07/17)
Great weed light, low power. Review by anonymous
Great weed light, low power. (Posted on 1/07/17)
Best of grow!! Review by Rodney
So far so good, very bright, plants seem to like it so far. (Posted on 23/06/17)
Really Bright. Review by G.Hill
Excellent product, well built. Nice options for suspension. (Posted on 7/06/17)
Good product. Review by James
Will buy again. (Posted on 1/06/17)
Best bang for buck in the market Review by Bella
Best bang for buck in the market (Posted on 24/05/17)
So far so good Review by Jordan
This light works great and it very bright for the power it uses (Posted on 5/05/17)
Great product for a good price,I will be buying more. Review by Raj_P
Great product for a good price,I will be buying more. (Posted on 28/04/17)
Great quality light!!!, great price!!! Review by George
good protective packaging and fast delivery. (Posted on 17/04/17)
super bright led grow lights Review by P_Dalton
These lights are no joke there awesome lights super super bright covers all plant light spectrum (Posted on 7/04/17)
Perfect! Review by allen
This arrived packed so carefully and in perfect condition! Fast shipping as well. (Posted on 27/03/17)
Very happy with the product Review by A_Hodson
Very happy with the product (Posted on 11/03/17)
Super Power LED Grow Lights Review by Jenny
Growth is absolutely great with this light. (Posted on 26/02/17)
very bright grow lights Review by Terrence
The lights were really bright and added a nice ambiance to my room. (Posted on 21/02/17)
super grow light Review by Serafin
Extremely pleased with this grow light. I have have had it for only 10 days and see vigorous new growth already. (Posted on 8/02/17)
Excellent! Review by Elaine
Excellent! (Posted on 17/01/17)
Nice grow light Review by Lee
This light arrived in good condition, it was easy to set up in my grow tent and the plants are thriving. I am very happy with the quality and price. (Posted on 12/01/17)
I liked it so much I purchased another. Review by Paula
Bought several different type of grow light's for my indoor plants. I have it on a flowering plant who seems to love it. And the lights aren't so bright that they kill my eyes. (Posted on 6/01/17)
five stars Review by Marshall
My plant is loving this light. It was almost dead, but now leaves are everywhere. (Posted on 19/12/16)
Very powerful light. Review by benjamin
Very powerful light. (Posted on 9/12/16)
Great light Review by Carol
Great light (Posted on 19/11/16)
will buy again Review by Raven
works great and exactly how i wanted it to. (Posted on 24/10/16)
Great price, great product! Review by Michelle
Perfect for starting your indoor seeds! (Posted on 6/10/16)
Grow bigger and better plants Review by Kathie
I received this light a few days ago and it puts off the perfect amount of light and heat that my flowers require. After hooking this up, my plants are growing a bit faster. (Posted on 17/09/16)
Awesome Review by Richards
Awesome (Posted on 28/08/16)
Good quality Review by Marilyn
Good quality (Posted on 22/08/16)
Excellent services Review by Peter
Excellent services (Posted on 16/08/16)
So far so good Review by James
So far this has worked wonderfully to help get my plants. (Posted on 23/07/16)
Great grow light Review by Markel
These work much better than I expected. (Posted on 17/07/16)
A Better Start For Your Plants. Review by Joel
The packaging was done very well. (Posted on 4/07/16)
very useful Review by Charlton
This is perfect for a little room or area where the purple glow won't distract you. It is VERY purple, so I wouldn't recommend staring at it for an extended period of time as it will take your eyes a few seconds to readjust. (Posted on 15/06/16)
This light really works. Review by Adams
This light really works. (Posted on 1/06/16)
Best led grow lights Review by Rodrigo
This grow light is superior to others i have used! I've had this light above my tomato seedlings for a few days now and the growth rate is very good. (Posted on 17/05/16)
Great light,recommend!! Review by Elliott
Great light,recommend!! (Posted on 21/04/16)
I would highly recommend this grow light to anyone Review by paul
I would highly recommend this grow light to anyone (Posted on 13/04/16)
Worked great! Review by Steven
Worked great! (Posted on 5/04/16)
Highly recommend this led grow lights. Review by Joshua
This light will not disappoint.
Seeing growth indoors after first day of use. (Posted on 25/03/16)
Great light Review by Antony
Great light (Posted on 18/03/16)
Great Light! Review by Trish
My plants seem to love it above all other LEDs and fluorescents I've had in its place in the past. (Posted on 7/03/16)
led grow lamp Review by Peter
This lamp is excellent for all indoor gardening applications and plant propagation. The Purp as i Like to call it is excellent for seed starting. I was using old fluorescent before I got these, my electric bill was high, and it was ok, but now, all of my plants are doing exponentially better than they ever have before. The heat it give off helps with the seed starting and cheaper than a lot of the competition. (Posted on 25/02/16)
so far so good Review by Nat
so far so good (Posted on 17/02/16)
great light Review by Lee
I am quite impressed with this product. I feel that this will work out great. (Posted on 7/01/16)
Great deal Review by Duncan
Great deal (Posted on 19/12/15)
Recommended great shipping great product Review by Benjamin
Recommended great shipping great product (Posted on 15/12/15)
I received my lamp Review by Laurie
I have brought one of my plants back to life using this light. I can't believe how well it really works. I would recommend this to anyone who has indoor plants and really wants to see them grow! (Posted on 8/12/15)
This light exceeded my expectations. Review by Matthew
Upon arrival all LEDs were in working order and construction is quite solid. (Posted on 2/12/15)
works great. Review by Jason
The plants seem to be reaching for it which is a good sign. (Posted on 22/11/15)
Indoor Led grow light Review by Gerner
Although LED are usually expensive to buy at first, with energy consumption, LED is economical and cheaper in the long run. (Posted on 4/11/15)
Plants are happy Review by Tory
Working well so far. (Posted on 28/10/15)
Best led grow lights Review by M.Hay
Works as well as the $1500. (Posted on 18/10/15)
Effective and energy saving! Review by Peter
The packaging is very solid. (Posted on 30/09/15)
Great results with this grow light. Review by J_Pickering
Great results with this grow light. (Posted on 16/09/15)
great light for indoor growing plants Review by Rob
Great piece of equipment and has really improved the quantity of chilli's on my plants. (Posted on 5/08/15)
I recommend this light. Review by C.Carter
Fan is a little noisy but outside of my grow room I can't hear it. (Posted on 26/07/15)
great led grow lights Review by Jack
Very happy with my purchase and I will probably get another. (Posted on 6/07/15)
Great lights so far Review by Gene
Great lights so far (Posted on 18/06/15)
Great led grow lights for the money Review by Hunter
I am a beginner in regards to indoor cultivating and found this to be monumentally helpful. At first I thought it was pricey but the results have far exceeded the cost. (Posted on 19/05/15)
plant response is so far very positive. Review by Lynn
plant response is so far very positive. (Posted on 6/05/15)
best led grow light Review by anonymous
i know why you would want this light.... i needed it this light is best. i have both. (Posted on 28/04/15)
High quality led grow lights Review by Hughes
I have only had this a week but I am pleased. I start my vegetables indoors to get them strong enough to transplant to the garden. Tomatoes and everything are doing great so far. The thing I like best is that it produces very little heat. This is important for me because the summers get very hot where I am at. (Posted on 13/04/15)
Definitely a quality and 5 star product! Review by Jeff
Definitely a quality and 5 star product! (Posted on 7/04/15)
I will buy again Review by Josh
This lamp is good quality, lighting is very bright, lamp no hot. Arrived very fast, exellent service, recommend. And will buy this and another lamps from this seller again (Posted on 27/03/15)
Perfect packaged, great customer service, super bright led grow light Review by Alex
Perfect packaged, great customer service, super bright led grow light. (Posted on 17/03/15)
great light and great customer service Review by Winston
Turned it on and was surprised how bright it is, its a great light and they have great customer service and is good quality (Posted on 10/03/15)
Highly recommended! Review by Paula
Highly recommended! (Posted on 4/12/14)
Good quality led grow light Review by anonymous
Basically I am very happy with my purchase! (Posted on 21/10/14)
I would recommend to my friends Review by Elbert
I would recommend this grow lights and this company too everybody! (Posted on 26/09/14)
my second order Review by Tim
I ordered a second unit and I couldn't be happier! I'm growing 12 different potted vegetables indoors and they are all loving it! Beautiful lush leaves, can't wait to see the end results! (Posted on 17/07/14)
super bright 600w LED Grow Lights Review by Willie
This light has been running about two months it really impressed me. the light is super bright. (Posted on 13/06/14)
led grow light free shipping Review by Jefferson
its a great grow light and it works ive had my plants under it now for 2 weeks they growing just fine and i will be buying another no worries on that, shipping was fast too only took 5 days for free shipping thats amazing great purchase. (Posted on 18/04/14)
I highly recommend the super bright led grow light Review by Benjamin
Fast shipping! Easy to assemble, and a super bright led grow light, awesome light. I highly recommend it to anyone who grows anything. (Posted on 11/02/14)
I highly recommend the led grow light Review by Mike
I highly recommend the led grow light, super bright. (Posted on 23/12/13)
I recommend this light. Review by Big Jim
The first time I plugged this in I totally blinded myself, this thing is WAY bright.
It generates virtually no heat which is great.
If you're like me and using this in a confined grow space you'll be pleased with it. Since installing this my girls have totally hit their stride.
I recommend this light. (Posted on 2/11/13)
Very pleased so far Review by Scott
This idoor grow light has been working well for nearly a month. 5 star (Posted on 25/06/13)

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