When you want to purchase grow lights, there are some questions that need answering. To find out the appropriate grow lights is important to become a successful indoor grower, below are some info help you:

What is LED grow light?

LED grow light is the most efficient type of grow lighting that can be purchased. Compare to HID or fluorescent grow light, LED grow light can save 70-80% electricity bill and don't contain any harmful substance for environment friendly.

Is it safe to run these type of grow lights in my home?

These led grow lights are very safe. LED grow light is used in retail and groceries stores, gas stations and in your back yard as a security light. Systems that are CE and RoHS tested help assure safe lighting fixtures.

Why should I use LED grow lights for my indoor plants?

LED grow lights are the most intense source of grow light available. It is also more efficient and the lamps last up to six times longer than other lamps.

Which type of light should I use?

LED grow light with red and blue wavelengths work better for vegetative growth and bloom stage, that should be used as the primary light source for any plants. It works even better than other grow lamps

You are on your way to purchasing the best grow lights available and to search the internet, ledgrowlight.co.nz will lend their expertise advise for additional questions regarding indoor gardening and which indoor grow lights are best suited.