If you run a commercial retail greenhouse, you will understand that there is a need for a full-time supply of seedling plants. These little seedlings will grow into mature plants to sell for retail prices; in the warmer months, you need to be sure you have many seedlings growing. This way they can replace plants that you have sold, to keep your nursery well-stocked.

When you use a growing tent, it's easy to give your seeds precisely what they will need for the optimal germination rate. People who garden at home also can benefit from smaller grow tents, to start their own seeds. Indoor grow tents are very convenient and easy to use, plus they give you a perfect solution for starting seeds. Use fresh seed with a good germination rate and the proper seed starting mix. The seeds will then need water, light and heat to germinate, depending on what types of plants you will be growing.

Indoor grow closets can be thought of as simply small areas where you are able to control the climate for your seeds to have their best chance to germinate and mature. Better quality tents will have a reflective and sturdy interior, which will eliminate your needing extra reflectors normally used along with grow lights. Grow tents also usually have dark or black material on the outside, to hold in heat. Using dark materials will increase the level of heat in the tent, with zero cost for energy.

You'll use your grow closet for a long time, so ensure that the materials used in its construction are durable. The frame which shapes the tent should be of strong steel, and the zippers should be heavy duty zippers, since you will use them daily.

Growing tent
come in a variety of sizes, and the right one for you depends on what you'll be using it for, and how much space you have in which to place it. Your budget will also play a role in your selection of a growing tent. Small tents are fine for fewer seed containers, and larger tents work well for large plants and growth systems you may set up inside the frame. Regardless of the size of tent you choose, you'll be more successful with your seeds starting and growing to maturity.