In this article we will provide you what we think are the most important tips to successfully grow ganja. Growing healthy Marijuana plants can be easy, but it can also be a difficult task. It all depends on how much you’re willing to offer your indoor garden.

1. Tell No One

Every grower is proud of his crop, even more so when they get a really good yield. Keep your mouth shut. People are usually jealous and they will make it their gossip. Learn to keep a secret so you can protect your investment.

2.  Keep Things Spotless

And we mean keep everything as clean as a baby’s bottom: tools, floors, walls and equipment. It will pay off in the end. With no bugs, diseases, or proper conditions for them to spread your plants will be safe and healthy. Also wash your hands every day before entering your marijuana indoor garden.

3. Start with Quality Seeds

The quality of the buds depends about on the genetics. You’ll be disappointed if you’re using seeds of an unknown origin.

4. Use Quality Soil

When you’re planning your indoor garden, do some research for a soil recipe that works well for your seeds.

 5. Don’t use too much Water

Over watering can kill young marijuana plants. After the germination has finished, let the surface get a bit crusty. Then poke with your finger at about 3-4 inches into the soil. If there’s no moisture, water thoroughly. Use still water, after it has been sitting in an open container for about 24 hours or more. Do this so that the chlorine, among other potentially harmful sediments, is released.

6. Don’t use too much Fertilizer

Do not add more nutrients than the plants need in the water. Create a watering schedule for your plants and add the exact amount of nutrients. Keep in mind that in the vegetative stage marijuana plants like more Nitrogen, while in the flowering stage they like more Phosphate.

7. Provide the Optimal Growing Environment

Some of the factors that affect the growth of your plants are: temperature, humidity, air circulation and personal attention. These are all extremely vital as they can create a stress- free environment in your indoor garden. Consistency is paramount! You can play music to your plants or even provide a mild breeze at certain hours. Tend to the happiness of each plant in your indoor garden and they will repay you in kind. Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light For Medicinal Marijuana Plants

8. Dispose of the Trash Separately

Keep the trash from your garden in individual bags and separate from your personal garbage. Throw away all your garden garbage when needed in commercial dumpsters.

9. Don’t Harvest Early

Be patient. Your plants will most likely gain some more weight too. To be sure that you’ve waited long enough, wait until about half of the pistils have turned brown.

You need to care of your entire grow up. We promise you, in the end it will be worth it!

We believe that the following tips will be of help for the any pot farmer that’s just starting now. If you follow these simple guidelines, your plants will thrive in any artificial environment and will give back all the love tenfold.