Until a time no so long ago, LEDs were only used as a single bulb or a strand of bulbs to light up electronic panels, accent furniture, and improve both the interior and exterior of cars, that is until the creative team of LED manufacturers came up with the idea of grouping these diodes together and adding a reflector to increase illumination, thereby giving birth to the LED aquarium lights.

Before going more in depth about these lighting sources, let us first look at a few general advantages of the LED light bulb. For starters, the LED light bulb is able to far outlast fluorescent and incandescent bulbs when it comes to the time it takes before the light bulbs degrade and lose significant illuminating capabilities, it has been shown that LED light bulb can last for up to 50000 hours of use, and unlike the incandescent bulb, it does not have a filament so it can be subjected to more abuse without being busted. When it comes to energy efficiency, it is without a doubt the most cost effective lighting source; they can use up to 80 percent less energy when compared to regular household light bulbs and they do not promote heat buildup s you can probably save more on your air conditioning. Using an LED light bulb is also the more environmentally friendly route because it contains no mercury and can be safely disposed of since it does not contain toxic chemicals.

I purchase my first LED aquarium lighting as a lighting source which will consume less electricity and help me save up on my monthly bills. I am in the hobby of keeping saltwater aquariums, and since I replaced my 40 watt CFL bulb and started using an aquarium led light over my fuge area, the different species of macroalgae in my sump tank has been growing like crazy. Under the LED light bulb, I literally saw an explosion of life in my fuge area since the different Caulerpa and Chaetomorpha alga's growth took off, so did the population of the different amphipods and copepods that serve as nutritious dietary supplements for my fish and corals as they find their way from the sump to the display tank, my mandarin goby seemed especially happy about this development and he has the LED light bulb to thank for it. LED light bulb is environment friendly, and it can be very useful for growing different seaweeds on your marine aquarium.