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Plant Nutrients for Hydroponics

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 2:08:07 AM Pacific/Auckland

Hydroponics is a method of indoor gardening that does not use soil as a growing medium for the plants. Plants can be grown in a water solution, or in other growing mediums such as rockwool or coir. Hydroponics is an ideal method of growing plants where soil may be less than ideal for gardening, as well as places where there is no land available to garden, such as in urban areas in cities.

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Horticulture Grow lights - Light requirements of plants

Sunday, 21 February 2016 8:20:31 PM Pacific/Auckland

Hydroponics, greenhouses, indoor gardening, growing aquatic plants, food production and plants propagation – all of these fields use grow lights. Mostly, it is done on an industrial level, although, non-professional, domestic gardeners are also in a habit of using grow lights.

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Hydroponic Gardening – Advantage and Disadvantage

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 9:26:37 PM Pacific/Auckland

Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions which is a combination of water and fertilizers.  Hydroponic gardening is done with or without the use of artificial medium such as sand, gravel, vermiculite, rockwool, peat, coir, sawdust to provide mechanical support for the plants.  Liquid hydroponic systems have no other supporting medium for the plant roots while aggregate systems have a solid medium of support.  Hydroponic systems that advantages of using hydroponic system in hydroponic gardening include high-density maximum crop yield, crop production where no suitable soil exists, a virtual indifference to ambient temperature and seasonality, more efficient use of water and fertilizers, minimal use of land area, suitability for mechanization, and disease or pest control.  The major advantage of hydroponic gardening compared to field grown produce is the isolation of the crop from the soil, which often has problems of diseases, pests, salinity, poor structure and/or drainage.

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Ancient Hydroponics Gardens

Thursday, 28 May 2015 10:18:03 PM Pacific/Auckland

The word "hydroponics" is derived from two Greek words: cidra, meaning water, and punikos, meaning labor; thus, literally "waterworks." Contrary to popular belief, hydroponic gardening is an ancient form of agriculture, going back 3,000 years. There are references to the cultivation of plants directly in water in Egyptian records dating back to the time of the New Kingdom and the "Woman-King," Pharoah Hatshepsut around 1460 BCE.

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History of Hydroponics

Friday, 27 March 2015 7:29:32 PM Pacific/Auckland

Hydroponics is a means of growing plants in nutrient water without the use of soil. Instead of soil a non-reacting medium is used such as perlite, gravel, or the husk of coconuts. It was known as early as the 18 century that plants absorb their minerals in water as ions. The soil in traditional growing acts as a nutrient reservoir but does not actually contribute to plants growth. Water dissolves the minerals in the plants soil enabling the plants to use them. In hydroponics the minerals required for plants growth are artificially dissolved in the water making soil unnecessary. It is possible to grow almost any soil based plant using hydroponics. Hydroponics is such a promising field that there is much research into different methods in the academic community.

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The Importance of a Growing Tent in Hydroponics Gardening

Tuesday, 1 July 2014 8:29:46 PM Pacific/Auckland

Growing plants by the hydroponics method is steadily gaining in popularity all over the world, since people are discovering that they are easy to manage, and give you many benefits. You need no soil for hydroponic gardening, and not as much space is used as in traditional gardening methods. Your maintenance needed for a garden is also reduced when you grow hydroponically. There are many ways to use hydroponic gardening for your plants.

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Hydroponic Plants for Hydroponic Gardening

Friday, 18 April 2014 7:49:21 PM Pacific/Auckland

You can build personal hydroponics garden any where around you. It is not very demanding and attention seeking method of gardening compared to traditional pot growing. It is soilless growing method. Hydroponics, also known as water culture, involves cultivation in water containing nutrients.

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Hydroponics has been converting farmers and commercial farming has also been trying out this novel method.An indoor grow method is possible with just a container of water and the addition of specific nutrients and minerals that the plant will need.No soil for these indoor grow plants means that maintenance is reduced and even the use of pesticides and chemicals for weeding and for pests is reduced.These plants require just the right amount of sunlight and heat and grow beautifully in greenhouses.People with small spaces can make use of any tiny space to create a garden for themselves by even having hanging or wall mounted containers.For those growing plants for commercial purposes there are many products available that help in larger scale gardening and all of these are now easily available. This method conserves water as a large supply of water is usually needed to water a large crop and with timers available for the grow tents these help to control the amount of electricity that is consumed.The growing tents also control the temperature inside and this helps the plant in producing a better yield.

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