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Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Which is Best For You?

Tuesday, 5 December 2017 2:11:02 AM Pacific/Auckland

The war wages between indoor grow and outdoor grow. Indoor growers love the ability to control their gardens, but outdoor growers tend to argue that only Mother Nature gives you the best yields you’ll ever have. With all the advantages and disadvantages of both, you’re probably asking which is the better of the two styles of growing?

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Horticulture Grow lights - Light requirements of plants

Sunday, 21 February 2016 8:20:31 PM Pacific/Auckland

Hydroponics, greenhouses, indoor gardening, growing aquatic plants, food production and plants propagation – all of these fields use grow lights. Mostly, it is done on an industrial level, although, non-professional, domestic gardeners are also in a habit of using grow lights.

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How to use a grow tent in your home

Thursday, 17 July 2014 6:58:24 PM Pacific/Auckland

This is exactly what it states it is – a grow tent, yet as one may surmise it is much more than a typical tent acquired at a nearby outdoors centre. It is all you need to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables. The tent incorporates a lightweight fabric which is both waterproof and light reflective inside and dark on the outside. It's delivered collapsed and is quick and easy to set up and dismantle. This makes it a good product to use as it can be moved to different areas or rooms when necessary. It is totally self-contained so all the mess and cables can be covered appropriately so you can continue to use the space it is installed in. The tent has zippered sections that allow access for air-flow systems and various wiring that you need to employ. Also there are flaps at the bottom of the tent to aid with air circulation at plant level. In some models the tent has pockets on the interior where you are able to house any equipment that you use regularly.

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Try Indoor Grow Tent For Winter Gardening

Sunday, 17 November 2013 2:01:43 AM Pacific/Auckland

Although winter brings a break in the outdoor gardening season, it need not stop the intrepid gardener who longs to grow plants even in the months where the climate does not cooperate.  It is at this time of year when gardeners' thoughts turn to indoor gardening. One easy way to get set up for success with indoor gardening is to get an indoor grow tent to use this winter.  Once you try indoor grow tent, you will likely become so hooked on them that you will continue to use them year round.

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Indoor Grow Tent - The Ultimate Growing Experience

Saturday, 12 October 2013 8:39:23 PM Pacific/Auckland

Indoor grow tent are quickly becoming very popular with people growing their own food.  Indoor grow rooms are a step up from the grow cabinet because you can product vastly more plant matter. If you have the room for one, you could feed a family of four with fresh produce almost all year round.

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