Marijuana growers go to extraordinary lengths to obtain perfect buds with high terpene content, the right taste and the right looks. There are several factors that influence the product. One is control of humidity. During the vegetative stage the plant needs high humidity but as it matures, humidity needs to be reduced. Applying some stress to the plant increase terpene production resulting in buds that taste great. Temperature is also a key influence in growth, maturation and budding process. Night and day temperatures must be managed at the comfort level of around 80 degrees. Plants also need ventilation and since most growers cultivate marijuana indoors, this is also a critical factor. Some growers resort to additional carbon dioxide coupled with high intensity levels of light to promote extra growth and get more yield. Soil is also a key to healthy foliage and budding. Growing methods such as hydroponics, aeroponics or potted plant or bed plant cultivation is another influence on the final yield and quality.

However, light is basic to plant growth, be it marijuana or tomatoes. Quality of light and intensity as well as spread of light also plays a crucial role at each stage of the plant's growth, affecting final yield and its quality. Growers are known to resort to banks of CFL or fluorescent tubes, halogen, high intensity discharge lamps and now, LED grow lights. Of all these light sources, LED has proved to be the best in terms of allowing control at each stage and thus affecting the final yield. Growers can get marijuana led grow lights for sale at quite reasonable prices today, in configuration of 165, 300 and 600W. The first thing to notice about the module is that each contains a matrix of 200 to 400 small LED lights. The advantage is an even spread of light over a given area. CFL or HIPS are point sources and need reflectors. The physical construction of LED is such that light is directional. The other advantage is that LEDs run cooler. Whatever heat they generate is conducted to a metal heat sink at the bottom and air extractors blow warm air away from plants. This prevents the risk of plants wilting under excessive heat and frequent watering. Watt per watt LEDs have higher lumen output which translates to savings in power.

Growers may control temperature, humidity, soil fertility and ventilation but lighting and light quality is of even more importance in achieving perfect buds. This is where full spectrum marijuana LED grow lights truly shine. It is a fact that when plants are in the vegetative stage they need more of UV, blue and some green light for leafing and growth. As the plant approaches the budding stage, red, orange and yellow light becomes more important. Growers normally change lighting to adapt. However, this integral LED grow light module delivers full spectrum light that can be further controlled with a digital controller to just the right color temperature at each stage of growth. Growers can control both intensity and color quality. The result is perfect buds with just the right taste and amount of terpenes.