One of the greatest grow box ideas I have come across in my life also one of the most secure and easiest to implement. The "safe" grow box is a design in which a gun safe is purchased from your local Wal-Mart or other department store and converted into a grow box.

The lighting you'll utilize is really up to you, I personally prefer to use led grow lights due to their quick turnaround time with regard to growing but to each his own. The best place to start in any event is by drilling a hole in the back of the safe large enough for an electric cord to be snaked through so that electricity can reach the lights inside the safe. It is a good idea to store the safe inside a closet or in another inconspicuous place where your grow box will look like a gun safe and not like a grow box.

Aside from not arousing any suspicion having your plants inside of a safe makes for a great security measure if anyone should become suspicious of you and go rummaging through your home. Most people will not glance more than once at a gun safe since it is a well-established place to house weapons, not grow plants. The durability of safes also means that even if it should fall from a great height or just be knocked over the contents inside will be more safe than in many other setups. This alone makes the safe grow box a method worth considering no matter what type of grower you are.

Make sure to consider the height of your plants and also the amount of attention they will need, if you are going to need to be accessing your safe more than twice a day it might be a good idea to put it in a convenient place. Do not forget to line the safe with plastic sheeting (your preference) in order to maintain a sterile environment for your plants. As an added bonus this particular grow box should also be very effective in keeping out pesky insects.

As with anything else your specific situation may necessitate a different approach to growing than someone else's, make sure to consider your own needs when selecting your grow box strategy. Your nominal yield, home situation and countless other factors all contribute to which strategy you should pursue. While a safe grow tent is an awesome concept and it really does work it is a good idea to consider other designs and options based on your individual needs. There are far simpler methods out there that will have greater yields, this is a setup that is meant for the growing enthusiast that is looking to add security to practical growing.