Your new saltwater system is finally ready.  You've cured the live rock, added your cleaning crew of invertebrates, chosen compatible fish, and even added a breathtaking assortment of live coral.  You've successfully started one of the most fascinating and rewarding hobbies around.

And if you've done your homework, chances are you've realized that recent advances in LED aquarium lighting have put them in the lead when it comes to the best and most economical choice for the corals in your saltwater tank.

New developments in LED lights have made them as powerful as they need to be to provide the intense lighting needed to show off the brilliant color of your corals, and LED lights can be placed much closer to the water than metal halide lights, resulting in a more compact and well designed look for your tank.

LED fixtures come in various sizes, usually 24, 36, or 48 inch lengths.  They are capable of producing a natural shimmer effect on the water while enhancing the color of the coral and fish.  Even with this power, LED aquarium lights remain energy efficient, and LED lights not need to be replaced nearly as often as their metal halide counterparts.  Often they will be equipped with a broadcast reflector that diffuses the light evenly throughout the aquarium.

Your aquarium lighting is truly one of the most important aspects of saltwater fish and rare coral reef keeping.  Not only do LED lights bring out the vibrant colors of the livestock, plants, and coral, but they also provide vital light energy to tank inhabitants.

When choosing a aquarium led lighting for your tank, a good rule to follow is to provide 1 to 2 watts of lighting for fish-only aquariums, 2 to 5 watts per gallon for freshwater-planted aquariums, and 4 to 8 watts per gallon for reef aquariums.

So if you want to instantly add shimmer to your tank, promote colorization and growth for your corals, and find an economical way to easily take care of your saltwater aquarium's lighting needs, then LED lights are something you should be very interested in purchasing.  The best way to safely make your decision about which LED lights to purchase is to seek the advice of an expert led aquarium light store.