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90W UFO Round LED Aquarium Lights For Saltwater Aquarium

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Quick Overview

Power: 90W LED Aquarium Light
Size: 270x60mm
LEDs Wavelength: Blue:White
Input Voltage : AC85~265V
Warranty: 36 months warranty


90W UFO Round LED Aquarium Lights For Saltwater Aquarium

Size(mm): 270x60mm
Power(watt): 90W(90x1W LED diodes)
Lumens(Lm): 3650 Lm
LEDs Color: Blue:White
Approved: CE & RoHs
Warranty: 3 years
Replace to: Equal to 300-400w HPS/MH,save 80% power consumption
Lifespan(hrs): 50,000 Hours
Input voltage(V): AC 85V-265V
Input current(A): 0.4/0.2A
Work  frequency(Hz): 50/60 Hz
Cooling fans: Built-in 1 cooling fans, unique heat sink
Feature: Plug N Play, Lowest heat emit, Energy saving, Environment-friendly,Built-in hanging hardware, easy to set up in minutes,
Package Includes: 1x 90w UFO LED aquarium light, 1x Power Cord, 1x Hanging Kit

Different aquariums need different types of light strength. On one end of the spectrum there is red light, which can only penetrate a short distance. At the other end is blue, which can go further into the water. Most fish are fine with yellow or green light; however, many aquarium plants need blue light to help them grow. There are several types of lighting available on the market for your aquarium.

Normal Florescent Bulbs

Normal Florescent or NO usually comes with a regular aquarium tank. This is enough for a fish-only setup. The NO bulbs tend to be cool and efficient; however, they are the least penetrating fluorescent bulbs. In aquariums with plants, they might be used as supplemental lighting.

High Output Bulbs

High output (HO) lights are available as T5 bulbs, which are smaller than the normal fluorescent. They emit more heat than the NO bulbs, but they usually come with a built in system to cut down on heat.

Very High Output Bulbs

Very High Output (VHO) comes in a variety of sizes; one of the most common is the T12. Although these bulbs emit heat, they don’t emit as much as a metal halide bulb. You get a more powerful light than the standard fluorescent. Unlike the metal halide, you get an even light source throughout your aquarium tank.

Power Compact Lights

These bulbs are designed slightly differently from the rest of the fluorescent bulbs. They have only one end cap attachment rather than the standard two, and the bulbs are available in different shapes from twin to square and triple. The bulbs are more efficient and powerful than other fluorescent bulbs. Power compact lights are smaller than normal fluorescent lights.

Metal Halide

This is a high intensity aquarium bulb that produces a focused light. The bulbs are used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums with plants and coral reefs. You will need to use a water chiller with these lights because they heat the water up and you might need a UV shield to cut down radiation. The bulbs are expensive and should be handled with care.

LED Lights

LED is not technically a light, but a light emitting diode. It is good for night time viewing of nocturnal fish.

  • High efficiency, saves 85% power consumption, saves electricity bills and saves money for the end user.
  • No need of outside power supply, convenient to use.
  • Running quiet and cool and no need of heat-removal equipment.
  • Ideal for aquatic life, coral and fish, reef aquarium lighting, no need of any accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Well happy great buy Review by Donald
Well happy great buy (Posted on 6/10/17)
so far so good. Review by Stephane
I would reccommed this and if I had another tank, I would get this for it too. (Posted on 26/02/17)
So far they look great Review by Barbara
So far they look great (Posted on 15/06/16)
4 stars led aquarium lights Review by P.Hack
I have to give it 4 stars, I just love the light for my African, the colors are great, I just hope the remote and cord hold up! (Posted on 26/07/15)
nice led aquarium lights, worth the price Review by Hansen
I now have three of these little lights. One on a 29gal, and two on a 55gal (freshwater) and they work very well. Ample light for live plants and the fish seem to like the moonlight at night. (Posted on 23/12/13)

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